185 +/- Acres Cropland and Timber - Oriental NC (04/18/2018 - 04/25/2018)
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Starting Time: April 18, 2018, 08:00 AM
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April 18th at 8am - April 25th at 2pm

The Old Theater
609 Broad Street
Oreintal, NC

Dates Coming Soon!

Chris Crawford


Selling By Order of the Executor of the Estate of David Stewart Precythe


185 +/- Acres Crop and Timber Land off Kershaw Road in Oriental, NC
Pamlico County

Approx. 80+/- Acres in Row Crop, 56+/- Acres in Timber and  48+/- Acres of Pine plantation.
Parcel 647885728500 and 648802067500

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If this auction lot are sold seperately from each other, a survey will be required. The surveyor will be chosen by the auctioneers and the survey will be the expense of the purchaser.

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Property is to be closed within thirty-days after the auction or upon delivery of the deed, whichever is sooner.


Closing Costs:

Buyer’s closing costs can include new boundary survey, title search fees, title insurance premiums, recording fee of documents, Buyer’s prorated items and any other fees required for closing. Seller’s closing costs are limited to their portion of the prorated tax, revenue stamps and the cost of deed preparation.


Property Condition:

All property in this auction is selling “AS-IS, WHERE IS” with all faults, if any. Iron Horse Auction Company, Inc. makes no representations or warranties, expressed or implied, concerning the property. Descriptions of the property are believed to be correct, but are not guaranteed. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to conduct any inspection prior to the auction. All due diligence periods end the date the auction is schedule to end, and prior to the end of the auction. It is possible that the property being sold is subject to restrictive covenants and homeowner’s association rules, regulations and dues. Iron Horse Auction Company, Inc. has attempted to find or locate all information deemed material facts. Ultimately, it is the Buyer’s responsibility to inspect all aspects of the property before placing a bid. No sale shall be invalidated by the Buyer as a result of he/she not conducting their own inspection prior to placing a bid or doing due diligence. It is automatically acknowledged by placing a bid that you have personally inspected the property, hired an agent to inspect the property or waived your right to inspect the property.


Legal Interpretations:

The laws of the State of North Carolina shall interpret this document.


Date Time Bid Parcels Bidder
04/25/2018 02:12:51 PM $204,000 2 onsitebidder3
04/25/2018 02:10:35 PM $172,000 2 onsitebidder3
04/25/2018 02:09:56 PM $156,000 2 onsitebidder3
04/25/2018 02:08:41 PM $140,000 2 onsitebidder3
04/25/2018 02:07:51 PM $104,000 2 onsitebidder3
04/25/2018 02:06:38 PM $100,000 2 onsitebidder2
04/25/2018 02:04:50 PM $47,000 1 jchurch
04/25/2018 02:04:28 PM $142,000 1,2 onsitebidder3
04/25/2018 02:03:32 PM $138,000 1,2 jchurch
04/25/2018 02:01:59 PM $134,000 1,2 onsitebidder3
04/25/2018 02:00:56 PM $130,000 1,2 jchurch
04/25/2018 02:00:24 PM $126,000 1,2 onsitebidder3
04/25/2018 01:59:19 PM $122,000 1,2 jchurch
04/25/2018 01:57:52 PM $118,000 1,2 bpwillia
04/25/2018 01:57:40 PM $96,000 2 jchurch
04/25/2018 01:57:06 PM $94,000 2 onsitebidder2
04/25/2018 01:56:13 PM $112,000 1,2 jchurch
04/25/2018 01:55:31 PM $108,000 1,2 onsitebidder4
04/25/2018 01:54:16 PM $84,000 2 jchurch
04/25/2018 01:53:22 PM $82,000 2 onsitebidder3
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Bid History

56.78+/- Acres on Kershaw Road in Oriental, NC

Portion of Parcel 648802067500
Extensive Road frontage on Kershaw Road, this tract is level with maturing growth of mostly pine. Approximately 20 year growth of timber on this tract. There is a cut in the timber from Kershaw Road running approximately halfway into the tract.

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Bid History

128.27+/- Acres off Kershaw Road in Oriental, NC

Parcel 647885728500 and Portion of Parcel 648802067500
Accessed by a well maintained roadbed off Kershaw Road, this tract is level with 80+/- acres of row crop land, drains installed throughout. All acreage is easily accessible by a wide, well lept access road that runs halfway up the tract then cuts straight across. In the back of this tract is 48+/- acres of young pine plantation. 

This farm is subject to an oral lease with the current farmer. This lease is for 80 Acres at $125.00 per acre for 2018. Payment for this lease is received twice per year, with the buyer receiving the next payment in 2018. Buyer must allow farmer to remove current crop. This lease does not have to be continued after 2018.
There is no written lease through 2022.

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